DENNIS NAKAKITA begins 40 years ago in this market and has been well-known for all shipyards & ship-owners over the world for our quality equipment.

DENNIS NAKAKITA has supplied their equipment in different kind of vessels. We have specially experience to provide & development quality solutions in ULCC, VLCC, Oil Tankers, Chemical Tankers, LPG & LNG and Dredge vessels.

Our equipment can be installed and operated in different applications or systems:

  • Valve Remote Control System – We can include in our integration system other external supplies such as Tank Level Gauging System & Monitoring & Alarm System.
  • Marine Cargo & Ballast Valves.
  • Tank Blanketing System valves/ Inert Gas system valves.
  • Upper Deck Manual Valves.
  • Hull/Sea chest/Ship Side Valves.
  • Valves for any other system on board as Cooling System, Fresh Water System, Bilge System, Engine Room…