Hand pumps for emergency operation


The fixed hydraulic hand pumps are usually mounted in the series with 
the critical valves, e.g.: the sea chest/fore peak tank valve.

  • To be mounted directly on the actuator, on bulkhead or in watertight box on deck.
  • Control valve for directional control.
  • 2 x Isolation valves.
  • 1 relief valve.
  • 1-2 x Manometers for pressure indication.
  • 2-20 liter oil reservoir.
  • Dry weight from 7,5 kg.


The portable hydraulic hand pumps are used for manual override at either the solenoid valve cabinet or the valve location.

  • Connection to Solenoid Valve Cabinet or to emergency blocks mounted on actuator or on deck.
  • Mounted on a frame with wheels for easy transport and operation.
  • 1 – 3 meter flexible hoses with quick couplings.
  • 1-2 x Manometers for pressure indication.
  • 2-5 liters oil reservoir.
  • Up to 250 bar pressure.
  • Dry weight from 6 kg.

Emergency Hand Pump Data Sheet